Attending InventHelp Trade Shows


Whether you have a new idea that you believe can help society, or an existing product that is having trouble reaching its full market potential, InventHelp is a great resource for your business. They provide customers with a resource to turn their idea into a real business, whether you are looking to enter a new market segment, or are simply interested in improving upon an existing product. When you work with a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to your success, your product’s feasibility becomes much more likely. InventHelp’s full service approach helps you to follow through with marketing and development, as well as provide ongoing technical support throughout the product’s lifecycle.

InventHelp is a company devoted to connecting innovators with companies willing to explore their idea. Through an open licensing program, InventHelp presents to companies the idea that you have worked so hard to bring to life. The InventHelp team not only brings to life your unique product, but also makes sure that you have a good idea for success. By submitting your idea to various companies, InventHelp ensures that it reaches the right audience. InventHelp experts package your invention, develops descriptive materials (such as a new product submission brochure), submits to various industry categories, prepares technical papers, and follow up with customer service representatives.

Once your invention has received its preliminary filing, InventHelp will help you to market and distribute your product. InventHelp works closely with online retailers to provide easy access to your invention through online browsing experience. InventHelp also provides assistance for their members by assisting them with patent researching and filing. InventHelp members have access to an extensive library containing over 1300 patent related articles. InventHelp also works closely with patent attorneys to develop and file the necessary paperwork. One advantage of working with an inventor services group is that it allows you to concentrate on developing your invention rather than worrying about how to market and distribute your product after it’s complete.

If you’re looking to hire a patent attorney to handle the legal paperwork associated with your InventIVE application, consider hiring a patent legal assistant who can assist you from start to finish. Patent attorneys take years of law school to become a professional, but the skills they bring to the table can make sure your InventIVE moves forward quickly and efficiently. The InventIVE patent professionals associated with InventHelp make sure that all the requisite paperwork and submission processes are completed in a timely fashion. By engaging an inventor on an ongoing basis, you can be confident in knowing that all the steps leading up to your submitting your invention for approval have been handled.

While many inventors begin their search by searching the web, it’s important to remember that you should not stop there. Instead, make sure that you visit the various trade shows that are available throughout the country. InventHelp offers trade show listings specific to their patent expertise. In addition to selecting the best trade shows to attend, consider attending more than one trade show during the process. You can learn more about the newest trends in technology by attending several trade shows during the course of your InventIVE search.

As you work with InventHelp, you’ll come to learn that the service isn’t reserved for those with patent ideas only. Even if you have no idea what to create, InventHelp can help you identify the type of product you should be focusing on. For example, if you’re interested in improving a past innovation you may want to consider using the services of the patent research firm. A patent attorney can tell you what kinds of products are likely to be considered by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once you have identified what type of product you believe would be well received by the USPTO, you can determine what services from InventHelp you require. This includes developing a business plan to guide you through the process of developing your new invention.