How to Get Help From Invent Help

Invent Help is an innovative online service dedicated to helping inventors. Established in 1984, Invent Help is a full service resource for inventors looking for ideas and ways to patent their inventions. They will help you with patenting your invention, help you connect with appropriate patent attorneys, provide services to assist with the creation of the invention, and aid in filing the appropriate patent. Here are some tips on using Invent Help to make your invention more patentable.

Invent Help

The first step you should take when using Invent Help is to determine whether your invention is truly new and unique. In most cases, if your invention does not qualify as a “game changer,” it does not need a patent. If your invention does qualify as a game changer, however, you need to prepare the invention for patentability. This means preparing the invention to present to an examiner in a format that is acceptable to the examiner. Invent Help can assist with this basic information package and can also provide additional information for you to prepare for the examination process.

Once you have determined whether your invention is new and not simply derivative of what others have done, you should begin to search for a patent attorney to handle the patenting process. This should be done before you submit your invention to Invent Help, but after you have heard back from them. Patent attorneys will work with you to determine if your invention meets the requirements for patentability and to determine whether they should file the patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

If your invention does not meet the requirements for patentability, but it is a great idea, you should still submit the application to Invent Help. You should still prepare the invention for examination by submitting to the examiner a full description of the product, along with a sketch of the product as well as a full description of the method by which the product will be produced and a statement that the object is new and not obvious in view of what others have done previously. This last detail is important because it shows the examiner that the competitor has not been able to accomplish what he/she expected from the prior art and that your invention is a great idea.

When you submit your invention to Invent Help, one of the next steps you should take is to write a strong complaint against the competitor’s patent. In the complaint you should mention that the competitor’s patent is invalid because of two factors: (a) the fact that the claimed invention is so vague that it describes an existing invention which is not unique; and (b) that the claimed invention is not patentable subject to the examiner’s rules. In addition, you should explain why the examiner did not consider the claimed invention to be patentable. Finally, you should briefly detail how, within the rules, you plan to remedy the problem that led to the rejection of your patent. Specifically, you should explain how you will determine whether you are eligible to apply the rules to your own patent and how you will determine if the competitor’s invention was legally sufficient to warrant the rejection.

The final step you will take when submitting your invention to Invent Help is to hire a Compliance Manager. A Compliance Manager is a person, generally an attorney or patent specialist, who can help you determine whether your Inventive Application complies with the rules and regulations of Invent Help. In addition, a Compliance Manager can help you to develop a written strategy to comply with all of the rules and regulations set forth by Invent Help and the Patent Office. As part of their duty as a Compliance Manager, the Compliance Manager will review all of your documents and will make sure that everything submitted to Invent Help meets the appropriate criteria. As a result, the Compliance Manager will help you to successfully submit your invention to Invent Help. Finally, the Compliance Manager will help you to ensure that each step of the process described above goes smoothly and is completed in a timely manner.